Richard Gurewitsch
Richard Gurewitsch

Richard Gurewitsch Explains Why Caribbean Countries Are in Need of the Products from ENVIOS305

Caribbean countries are in need now more than ever during COVID-19 for products and supplies that the newest service from Richard Gurewitsch, ENVIOS305, provides.

When Richard Gurewitsch has a new endeavor for a business, you can believe that he will do what he can do help Cuba and the other Caribbean and Central American countries. As a great entrepreneur and an immigrant himself, Richard Gurewitsch knows that remembering your heritage and roots is important when creating services that may be able to help others.

As such, previous companies that Richard Gurewitsch has founded such as LlamaCuba, HaitiPhone, and HolidaysCaribe all were created to help people in these countries connect and communicate with their friends and family that do not live close by. “During my entire business career, having been an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in both the USA and Europe to develop an affordable platform that enables cost-effective ways to communicate with their friends and families back in their home countries,” Richard Gurewitsch says.

And Richard Gurewitsch is definitely not wrong, as these countries are usually underserved and in more need. According to, “the Cuban economy has been at the bottom of the repressed category since the inception of the Index in 1995.” Cuba has also been badly affected by COVID-19 as well, with almost 3,000 confirmed cases and close to 100 deaths attributed to the virus on the small island.

“ENVIOS305 was created with the help of my team of engineers and my marketing staff to help mitigate the effects of the economic devastation in Cuba and other Caribbean and Central American countries,” says Richard Gurewitsch. “It provides items that we in America might see as regular items that we have easy access to, but the truth is that people in these countries really need these items, especially right now.”

Some of the popular and much-needed items that ENVIOS305 provides to people in these countries include electric bicycles, slow cookers, non-perishable foods, toiletries, coffee makers, meat grinders, food processors, fryers, pressure cookers, and much more. There are many other items and supplies to be found through this service as well, and they all aim to help people in these countries in need. 

It is evident that the demand for the products and supplies ENVIOS305 offers is much needed from these countries; Richard Gurewitsch and his team have even had to duplicate their full-time associates in the call center and in administration online to accommodate the increasing demand. He anticipates that this service will be able to help many people in need, and Richard Gurewitsch and his company aim to keep doing so.

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