Richard Gurewitsch

Richard Gurewitsch: Avoiding Robocall Scammers During The Pandemic

As someone who has spent his entire career in the telecommunications and cellular phone industry, Richard Gurewitsch has seen it all. From building communications devices that connect family members across the seas to making business communication easier, Richard Gurewitsch has helped provide communications to most individuals all over the world thanks to the various companies that he has helped to build. At this moment in human history, however, it seems that communication that we took for granted is now more important than ever before. "The COVID-19 pandemic has changed my outlook on everything related to telecommunications and our basic need to communicate. I have begun to speak with family members in ways I never thought was possible before this crisis hit full steam." Richard Gurewitsch continues. 

Richard Gurewitsch is referring to the idea of taking people in his own life for granted as a result of being busy. "And I can’t be the only one who feels like they need to communicate with a loved one now more than ever." Richard Gurewitsch says. 

But not all is quiet on the security front for Richard Gurewitsch. "Now is a time for extreme resiliency as well as a time for us to be incredibly watchful. The wolf always has a field day with the vulnerable sheep." Richard Gurewitsch’s penchant for metaphors should be warning for individuals that might suspect that hackers and scammers might be coming after them and "preying" on their communication vulnerabilities. "It has been a real enemy of the people and something that we are working with the FCC on." Richard Gurewitsch says. He is referring to the numerous robocalls that have touted free test kits and access to vaccines, things that are just not possible to have yet in this world. "It is a truly disgusting thing that some individuals are doing and it is something we should be extremely vigilant about in order to keep our families safe." Richard Gurewitsch explains.

The robocalls that tout these medical breakthroughs often come with a price and that is giving away extremely vulnerable information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and telephone numbers. 

Right now the priority for many telecommunications firms is to get safe communication up and running for individuals all over the world. "The key driving point here is safety." Richard Gurewitsch adds. A lack of safety is indeed an extremely important problem to solve for when open lines of communication between scared family members have opened up opportunities for "wolves" to take advantage of this fear. 

"We are doing everything that we can to screen out these criminals through our proprietary security systems that we have been developing for this specific purpose." Richard Gurewitsch says. But now is a time for accelerated action and Richard Gurewitsch completely understands this. 

"We have pivoted away from some of our less essential services into making sure our vulnerable customers are protected from malicious scammers." 

While communication companies will always have issues with hackers and scammers, it is important for leaders to follow in Richard Gurewitsch’s lead and develop ways to protect their customers from these negative effects during a time of great need.