Richard Gurewitsch

Mobile Phones and Connecting Family’s During A Pandemic

As the pandemic has affected the entire world, one thing that is still a very in-demand and essential aspect of our lives has been the ability to communicate with one another. Social distancing, as well as a reluctance to use airlines to travel to avoid a greater spread of the disease, has forced families to rely on digital communications in order to maintain human contact with one another. It may not be a cure-all for the face to face communication that we all desperately need but it is the only thing we can rely upon now at this fraught moment in time. 

"I feel as if I have been preparing myself for this situation throughout my entire career." says telecommunications boss Richard Gurewitsch. Richard Gurewitsch’s multiple mobile phone and telecommunications companies are doing everything they can to connect families and make sure that a pandemic does not stop them from getting into communication with them. "We feel that it is now our personal mission to keep the family unit whole, especially during the pandemic." Richard Gurewitsch continues. One of the many ways that you can do that is by keeping your multiple lines of communication open, a feat that, though it sounds easy in theory, is quite difficult to pull off in practice. "We have to make sure that all of our employees are getting the right kind of necessary precautions. This includes making sure they are using the right kind of PPE equipment as well as working from home and teleworking if it is a possibility." Richard Gurewitsch continues

Asked about how he sees the landscape changing in the future, Richard Gurewitsch is an extremely optimistic leader. "I think it will be a game-changer in how communications across countries are conducted in the future. I can definitely foresee a world where business leaders are not taking flights but rather using communication tools and, more specifically, telecommunication tools to conduct business with each other overseas." 

But it doesn’t just stop with telecommunications between businesses and individuals that are overseas. Richard Gurewitsch is proud to help first responders during the pandemic situation as well. "We have all of our call operators partnered with hospitals and service workers and we are happy to aid in communication from that level." Richard Gurewitsch says. "Anything that we do now to alleviate the pandemic situation by making it easier for healthcare workers to communicate, that is a top priority for us." Richard Gurewitsch continues. "This will be a difficult battle to fight but we will do our part to make sure we end up on the right side of this thing."

Staying on the right side of the pandemic is extremely crucial and it is refreshing to see community leaders like Richard Gurewitsch doing all they can to help fight and bring society back to normal.