Richard Gurewitsch
Richard Gurewitsch

Richard Gurewitsch Explains Why Caribbean Countries Are in Need of the Products from ENVIOS305

Caribbean countries are in need now more than ever during COVID-19 for products and supplies that the newest service from Richard Gurewitsch, ENVIOS305, provides.

When Richard Gurewitsch has a new endeavor for a business, you can believe that he will do what he can do help Cuba and the other Caribbean and Central American countries. As a great entrepreneur and an immigrant himself, Richard Gurewitsch knows that remembering your heritage and roots is important when creating services that may be able to help others.

As such, previous companies that Richard Gurewitsch has founded such as LlamaCuba, HaitiPhone, and HolidaysCaribe all were created to help people in these countries connect and communicate with their friends and family that do not live close by. “During my entire business career, having been an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in both the USA and Europe to develop an affordable platform that enables cost-effective ways to communicate with their friends and families back in their home countries,” Richard Gurewitsch says.

And Richard Gurewitsch is definitely not wrong, as these countries are usually underserved and in more need. According to, “the Cuban economy has been at the bottom of the repressed category since the inception of the Index in 1995.” Cuba has also been badly affected by COVID-19 as well, with almost 3,000 confirmed cases and close to 100 deaths attributed to the virus on the small island.

“ENVIOS305 was created with the help of my team of engineers and my marketing staff to help mitigate the effects of the economic devastation in Cuba and other Caribbean and Central American countries,” says Richard Gurewitsch. “It provides items that we in America might see as regular items that we have easy access to, but the truth is that people in these countries really need these items, especially right now.”

Some of the popular and much-needed items that ENVIOS305 provides to people in these countries include electric bicycles, slow cookers, non-perishable foods, toiletries, coffee makers, meat grinders, food processors, fryers, pressure cookers, and much more. There are many other items and supplies to be found through this service as well, and they all aim to help people in these countries in need. 

It is evident that the demand for the products and supplies ENVIOS305 offers is much needed from these countries; Richard Gurewitsch and his team have even had to duplicate their full-time associates in the call center and in administration online to accommodate the increasing demand. He anticipates that this service will be able to help many people in need, and Richard Gurewitsch and his company aim to keep doing so.

Richard Gurewitsch Provides Jobs During COVID-19 While Aiding Latin Countries With New Company, ENVIOS305

Entrepreneur Richard Gurewitsch Created ENVIOS305 to Help Latin Countries Gain Supplies and to Create More Jobs During COVID-19

While many people were laid off and lost their jobs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Richard Gurewitsch saw an opportunity not only to help people in other countries gain access to the supplies they need, but also to create a company that provides jobs in this dire time. Statistics show that the number of unemployed Americans went from 6.2 million in February to 20.5 million in May 2020. Finding new jobs proved difficult, and companies such as this new one created by Richard Gurewitsch were welcome in a sea of unemployment.

Richard Gurewitsch has been an entrepreneur for many years, and his latest endeavor, ENVIOS305, is another successful company that was created to help immigrants as well as those living in Latin American countries such as Cuba and other countries in the Caribbean.

Richard Gurewitsch Creates ENVIOS305 in Record Time

Richard Gurewitsch says that the reason he created this new service was to help mitigate the effects of the economic devastation in Cuba, as well as other Caribbean and Central American countries. He and his team of engineers and marketing staff were able to create and develop this new service in record time, so that they could immediately start helping people who need the supplies ENVIOS305 provides.

This new service created by Richard Gurewitsch and his team is able to send non-perishable food, cookware, electronic items, and more to Cuba and other countries directly from Panama via ship with a fast turnaround. Some of the popular items sold through ENVIOS305 include bicycles, blenders, food items, toiletries, and slow cookers.

Richard Gurewitsch Makes More Jobs Available During COVID-19

Since its formation over the past few months, Richard Gurewitsch’s new service has grown exponentially. Due to such rapid growth, they have had to duplicate their full-time associates in the call center and administration online to accommodate their increasing demand for goods and services.

“I feel so grateful to be able to not only provide people in Cuba and the other Caribbean and Central American countries with these supplies and items they need during this devastating time, but also to be able to create new jobs and provide work for people who have lost their job and need the stability of a full-time job to provide for their family,” says Richard Gurewitsch.

This entrepreneur knows how to help people with the companies he creates, and there is no doubt that he will continue to do so.


Richard Gurewitsch: Avoiding Robocall Scammers During The Pandemic

As someone who has spent his entire career in the telecommunications and cellular phone industry, Richard Gurewitsch has seen it all. From building communications devices that connect family members across the seas to making business communication easier, Richard Gurewitsch has helped provide communications to most individuals all over the world thanks to the various companies that he has helped to build. At this moment in human history, however, it seems that communication that we took for granted is now more important than ever before. "The COVID-19 pandemic has changed my outlook on everything related to telecommunications and our basic need to communicate. I have begun to speak with family members in ways I never thought was possible before this crisis hit full steam." Richard Gurewitsch continues. 

Richard Gurewitsch is referring to the idea of taking people in his own life for granted as a result of being busy. "And I can’t be the only one who feels like they need to communicate with a loved one now more than ever." Richard Gurewitsch says. 

But not all is quiet on the security front for Richard Gurewitsch. "Now is a time for extreme resiliency as well as a time for us to be incredibly watchful. The wolf always has a field day with the vulnerable sheep." Richard Gurewitsch’s penchant for metaphors should be warning for individuals that might suspect that hackers and scammers might be coming after them and "preying" on their communication vulnerabilities. "It has been a real enemy of the people and something that we are working with the FCC on." Richard Gurewitsch says. He is referring to the numerous robocalls that have touted free test kits and access to vaccines, things that are just not possible to have yet in this world. "It is a truly disgusting thing that some individuals are doing and it is something we should be extremely vigilant about in order to keep our families safe." Richard Gurewitsch explains.

The robocalls that tout these medical breakthroughs often come with a price and that is giving away extremely vulnerable information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and telephone numbers. 

Right now the priority for many telecommunications firms is to get safe communication up and running for individuals all over the world. "The key driving point here is safety." Richard Gurewitsch adds. A lack of safety is indeed an extremely important problem to solve for when open lines of communication between scared family members have opened up opportunities for "wolves" to take advantage of this fear. 

"We are doing everything that we can to screen out these criminals through our proprietary security systems that we have been developing for this specific purpose." Richard Gurewitsch says. But now is a time for accelerated action and Richard Gurewitsch completely understands this. 

"We have pivoted away from some of our less essential services into making sure our vulnerable customers are protected from malicious scammers." 

While communication companies will always have issues with hackers and scammers, it is important for leaders to follow in Richard Gurewitsch’s lead and develop ways to protect their customers from these negative effects during a time of great need. 

Mobile Phones and Connecting Family’s During A Pandemic

As the pandemic has affected the entire world, one thing that is still a very in-demand and essential aspect of our lives has been the ability to communicate with one another. Social distancing, as well as a reluctance to use airlines to travel to avoid a greater spread of the disease, has forced families to rely on digital communications in order to maintain human contact with one another. It may not be a cure-all for the face to face communication that we all desperately need but it is the only thing we can rely upon now at this fraught moment in time. 

"I feel as if I have been preparing myself for this situation throughout my entire career." says telecommunications boss Richard Gurewitsch. Richard Gurewitsch’s multiple mobile phone and telecommunications companies are doing everything they can to connect families and make sure that a pandemic does not stop them from getting into communication with them. "We feel that it is now our personal mission to keep the family unit whole, especially during the pandemic." Richard Gurewitsch continues. One of the many ways that you can do that is by keeping your multiple lines of communication open, a feat that, though it sounds easy in theory, is quite difficult to pull off in practice. "We have to make sure that all of our employees are getting the right kind of necessary precautions. This includes making sure they are using the right kind of PPE equipment as well as working from home and teleworking if it is a possibility." Richard Gurewitsch continues

Asked about how he sees the landscape changing in the future, Richard Gurewitsch is an extremely optimistic leader. "I think it will be a game-changer in how communications across countries are conducted in the future. I can definitely foresee a world where business leaders are not taking flights but rather using communication tools and, more specifically, telecommunication tools to conduct business with each other overseas." 

But it doesn’t just stop with telecommunications between businesses and individuals that are overseas. Richard Gurewitsch is proud to help first responders during the pandemic situation as well. "We have all of our call operators partnered with hospitals and service workers and we are happy to aid in communication from that level." Richard Gurewitsch says. "Anything that we do now to alleviate the pandemic situation by making it easier for healthcare workers to communicate, that is a top priority for us." Richard Gurewitsch continues. "This will be a difficult battle to fight but we will do our part to make sure we end up on the right side of this thing."

Staying on the right side of the pandemic is extremely crucial and it is refreshing to see community leaders like Richard Gurewitsch doing all they can to help fight and bring society back to normal. 

Richard Gurewitsch’s Companies Showcase Why Communication is More Important Than Ever

Richard Gurewitsch, Immigrant and Entrepreneur, Knows the Importance of Communicating Through Distances

In the current climate with social distancing and quarantining during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, communicating with friends and loved ones is more important than ever, yet more difficult than ever. When entrepreneur and founder and CEO of LlamaCuba and HaitiPhone, Richard Gurewitsch, founded his companies, he knew the importance and need to talk to those that aren’t always physically close to us.

Richard Gurewitsch’s companies all revolve around one vital reason: communication. Before there was a great way to talk to those living in latin countries such as Cuba, he solved this issue with LlamaCuba, his telecommunications company. What followed next was HaitiPhone, which followed LlamaCuba’s footsteps to help open up communication to and from Haiti. The SBG Network Group LLC, which Richard Gurewitsch also founded, takes these same principles and encompasses the same services in the Telecommunication, Internet, and virtual travel industries.

"As an immigrant myself, I know the importance of being able to talk to family and friends that reside in a different country than the one we live in. I founded these companies to help out a traditionally under-served community of people," Richard Gurewitsch says. "My focus was always to help underserved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating with their families in their original countries."

Now that people are limited to travel or visit people during the current COVID-19 pandemic, having affordable and accessible ways to access and communicate with people we know and love in other countries is more valued and appreciated than ever. Thanks to people like Richard Gurewitsch, people who didn’t take this for granted before were given permission to do the same.

Richard Gurewitsch, who currently lives in Miami, Florida, is an immigrant himself. When other phone companies ignored the sectors of the market that needed communication with their immigrant families the most, Richard Gurewitsch worked tirelessly to provide a solution for them. As soon as communication betewen the United States and Cuba was allowed, Gurewitsch got started on making communication possible through telecommunication services. Once that company was established and proven successful, he kept working to do the same for those in other under-served countries as well.

It is companies such as the ones Richard Gurewitsch founded that shows us the importance of communicating, which is something everyone desparately needs–especially now.

Richard Gurewitsch

Richard Gurewitsch Makes Businesses for Latin Immigrants

Richard Gurewitsch, an Immigrant Himself, Strives to Create Businesses that Help Fellow Latin Immigrants

Richard Gurewitsch knows that companies that care about immigrants and helping Latin families and friends communicate and spend time together are what really make a difference for people. That’s why the companies he has founded and is CEO at, LlamaCuba and LatinPhone, as well as HaitiPhone and HolidaysCaribe, aim to do just that.

Richard Gurewitsch Finds Means of Communication Between Cuba and Other Countries

Richard Gurewitsch started LlamaCuba after the United States opened telecommunications to Cuba in 2010. He and a team of highly trained Cisco engineers were able to obtain federal FCC licenses to comply with all US rules and regulations. They then developed a VoIP platform with discounted prices in phone calls from the United States to Cuba.

Richard Gurewitsch says that he started this company to “serve a sector of the market that have been traditionally under-served.” Although the company started with communications between the US and Cuba, after 2010, Gurewitsch and his team were able to expand services to Cuba from all European and Latin American countries.  As technology became available, LlamaCuba even started providing phone top-up (mobile refills) to become one of the largest providers of top-up in the USA with massive presence in social media channels.

LlamaCuba has been awarded with a prestigious A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Richard Gurewitsch Continues Helping Immigrants Communicate With HaitiPhone

Following LlamaCuba’s success, Richard Gurewitsch and his team founded HaitiPhone in 2014. Gurewitsch says that he started HaitiPhone with the purpose to “serve a niche market that has been ignored by many other major phone companies.”

The team applied the same concept that they used for LlamaCuba, and within a few years they were able to place HaitiPhone on top tier providers for communication for Haiti as well.

Richard Gurewitsch Has Companies in over 5 Latin Language-Speaking Countries

In 2012, Richard Gurewitsch founded and incorporated SBG Network Group LLC, which encompasses many of the services he created over 20 years in the telecommunication, internet, and virtual travel industries.

Currently, SBG Network Group LLC has office in Miami, Florida, USA, Mexico City, Cancun, and Merida, Mexico, Santiago de Chile, Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, and a new office opening soon in Barcelona, Spain.

On why he creates these companies to serve immigrants and the Latin community, Richard Gurewitsch says, “During my entire business career and being an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating wth their families in their original countries.”



Richard Gurewitsch

A Life Dedicated to Helping Others Communicate: Richard Gurewitsch

As a Miami-based businessman and entrepreneur, Richard Gurewitsch has spent his entire career dedicated to helping underserved customers in developing nations communicate with their family members and loved ones in different parts of the world. This has required a lot of sacrifice in order to grow his services, but Richard Gurewitsch is not one to shy away from a challenge of any kind. 

Starting from a humble engineering background, Richard Gurewitsch began LlamaCuba a decade ago with the express intent of allowing Cuban nationals the ability to communicate with their loved ones in North America. Noting his background, it is no surprise that Richard Gurewitsch felt a personal calling towards this endeavor. As a result, he teamed up with a group of Cisco engineers to found one of the most well-known telecommunications services in Cuba today. Thanks to their early partnership with FCC Licenses that would be able to comply with US standards and regulations, LlamaCuba would be able to be a resource that an underserved community could use to contact and communicate with family members from other parts of the globe including the United States. 

Thanks to their success in Cuba, Richard Gurewitsch and the company decided to expand the service to other parts of the world including Latin America and Europe where an entirely new group of individuals could now connect with their family members from across the world. As smartphone technology and social media began to gain steam during the second decade of the millennium, Richard Gurewitsch found himself in the prime position to take advantage of these new developments in order to continue his original mission of connecting as many people as possible to their loved ones in other parts of the world.  To reach that next level, he began to provide mobile reload or “Phone Top-Up” services (sending credits to others pre-paid mobile phones) and eventually became the biggest provider for this service in the United States with an outstanding social media presence. This new service would seem to be the final frontier in the Richard Gurewitsch plan for connecting everyone on the planet, however, the businessman had even greater ambitions in places like Haiti where he used the LlamaCuba strategy to connect people in these communities with their family members abroad. 

As a result of his willingness to connect underserved communities with their counterparts in other parts of the world, Richard Gurewitsch has been seen as a maverick businessman who has dedicated his life to helping families connect with their loved ones. It will be interesting to see what the next chapter holds in the Richard Gurewitsch book of business and community service.

Richard Gurewitsch

Richard Gurewitsch Uses Communications Experience To Start Travel Business

Richard Gurewitsch is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping connect the people of the world with families in their original nation.

In 2010 when the United States opened Telecommunications back up with Cuba, Richard Gurewitsch founded LlamaCuba. LlamaCuba provides discounted phone service between Cuba and the United States. “I used several firms to call Cuba over the past few years. Llamacuba certainly stands out because of the high call quality and the multiple offers per month.” Says one LlamaCuba app user. The technology has expanded past its original use and now assists not only Callers from Cuba and America, but to all European and Latin American nations as well. Richard Gurewitsch then started providing phone top-ups and went onto become one of the largest providers of top-ups in the United States, with a massive presence on all Social Media channels. LlamaCuba currently has maintained an A+ ranking on the Better Business Bureau.

“During my entire business career, having been an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in both the USA and Europe to develop an affordable platform that enables cost-effective ways to communicate with their friends and families back in their home countries,” Says Richard Gurewitsch. With this focus on assisting underserved markets in 2014, Richard Gurewitsch went on to found HaitiPhone. HaitiPhone allows you to have safe, secure, and direct connections for any communication to or from Haiti. With no contracts and unlimited free messaging, HaitiPhone quickly became one of the top service providers in the Carribean nation.

In 2012, Richard Gurewitsch went on to found the SBG Network Group LLC a well-recognized entity that encompasses many of the same services that he had created over the last twenty years in the telecommunication, internet, and virtual travel industries. SBG Network Group LLC currently has offices in Miami, Florida, Mexico City, Cancun, Merida, Mexico, Santiago de Chile, Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo. Richard Gurewitsch is very excited that SBG Network is in the process of opening in Barcelona, Spain, in March 2020, allowing him to continue the trend of connecting immigrants with their families still back at home in Central and South America.

After experiencing such rapid growth in the telecommunications industry, Richard Gurewitsch realized there was another way to serve the same clients – travel. Richard Gurewitsch went on to use his twenty years in the telecommunications industry to found HolidaysCaribe. HolidaysCaribe seeks to provide affordable and accessible travel to a wide variety of nations, with a focus on the Carribean. Holidays Caribe have recently become available through and Airbnb. Richard Gurewitsch and HolidaysCaribe have offices in Miami, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico. The company follows the same guidelines that Richard Gurewitsch has placed into his communications companies, which is to be affordable and an easy to use service that caters to an underserved market. With 24/7 Customer support and a wide variety of travel options, HolidayCaribe has already proven to be a rapid success.